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Criss Cross, Valentini’s armchair between innovation and dynamism



Criss Cross is the name of the new armchair designed by Gian Paolo Venier – Studio Otto for Valentini to combine innovation and dynamism. Its name is already a declaration of intent: a play on alliteration that recalls the colourful overlapping of defined and contrasting colours.

With its interweaving of geometric lines, Criss Cross plays with light to create an effect of vibrant energy, giving birth to a funny and relaxing armchair who reinterpretes the concept of classic luxury in a modern key.

The armchair is characterised by high quality materials and finishes. The jacquard fabric is made with precious yarns woven with a specific loom, reviving the ancient artisan tradition in a contemporary key. What’s more, thanks to its being ‘badly cut’, the same colourful and ironic weave comes out whichever way the fabric is worked.

In addition, Gian Paolo Venier realized a unique and exclusive texture for Valentini, cooperating with the important Italian textile company Abitex.

With its irony, high-quality design and versatility, Criss Cross is the perfect armchair to furnish indoor and outdoor living with style and personality. Discover it at Salone del Mobile 2024.