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Demí Moon by Stilnovo, a dome full of light



Inspired by the poetic silhouette of the moon, Demí Moon is the new lamp designed by Mirco Crosatto for Stilnovo, characterized by minimal features creating an elegant and transparent dome.

The lamp successfully combines elements drawing on imagery ranging from classical world architecture influences to vintage objects: on one hand, the transparent diffuser made of thermo-blown PMMA, like its sister Demí, is inspired by the dome of the Roman Pantheon, more specifically, the central ring whereby natural light illuminates the interior; on the other hand, the supporting tripod is inspired by old-fashioned lamps used by photographers.

With the Demi Moon, the light comes direct from the central opening. Thanks to the unique OptiLight™* technology, once turned on, the lower edge and the thousands of laser micro-engravings on the surface diffuse a soft, even light which is generated by the invisible LED source placed in the ring of the large opening.

The lamp offers brilliant ambient lighting, but also a sharp beam, perfect for brightening up areas of the room or corners of the house where light is scarce, simply by pointing the dome where you would like. Positioning is maximised: the dome tilts in twelve different positions and remains stable thanks to the locking system, while the entire upper structure rotates freely horizontally, providing a wide range of positioning freedom.

Even when turned off, the transparency of the dome gives it an ethereal quality, making it seemingly invisible at times and ensuring its adaptability and discrete nature.

Demí Moon is available is both black and white, with its sophisticated chrome detailing. The structure is made of aluminium, while the diffuser is made of micro-engraved transparent PMMA. You have the option to dim the light – allowing you to choose the right amount of light at any time depending on the environment, the time of day or, more simply, your mood. Two colour temperatures are available, you can choose between 3000k and 2700k.