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dukafix, innovation is in the detail



For the multi-S 4000, natura 4000 and libero 4000 shower enclosure series, Duka introduces dukafix, the new wall profile mounting technique with a special adhesive that does not involve drilling holes in the wall, allows for quick and easy installation, ensures optimal strength and durability, and allows for a unique lateral extensibility of +/- 2 mm.

The new “invisible system” dukafix is designed to retain the essential design, lightness of form and high functionality – in terms of simple, convenient and safe use – of the iconic Duka product lines. dukafix offers above all greater ease of installation.

multi-S 4000 new

In its renewed version, characterised by a greater aesthetic purity, a more refined formal minimalism, also in the details, and greater functionality, the multi-S 4000 shower enclosure series is now the ultimate passe-partout solution by Duka. An ideal proposal for furnishing any bathroom, thanks to the many variants/models available, the special tailor-made solutions and a series of technical and aesthetic details that make it possible to fulfil the most diverse design requirements. To emphasise the versatile ‘character’ of the multi-S 4000 line, the simple and quick installation, easy cleaning and high durability of the product also contribute to this. The new multi-S 4000 is the solution for every bathroom environment.

multi-S 4000

natura 4000

The shower enclosures in the natura 4000 series are high-quality solutions, conceived to design the bathroom as a place that is not only linked to a specific functionality, but where design contributes to improving comfort and usability.

The series is characterised by the purity of the lines and the possibility of choosing from numerous opening systems and finishes for the profiles – as in the most recent Colour Up Your Life proposal – as well as by the stability provided by 6 mm and 8 mm tempered safety glass. Moreover, because of all the technical innovations that distinguish it, natura 4000 is the shower enclosure line that guarantees durability and performance. natura 4000 adapts to any type of environment, whether residential or commercial, and offers an ideal combination of visual harmony and efficiency.

natura 4000 Colour Up Your Life

libero 4000

The synthesis of an elegant formal and expressive balance, libero 4000 is the line of Walk In shower enclosures with 6 mm and 8 mm tempered safety glass that combines functionality and aesthetics in a space that remains open and is defined only by a glass wall that separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. The libero 4000 Walk In solutions are ideal for furnishing and customising living, wellness and hotel areas. They are also available in the new Colour Up Your Life proposal in copper pearl, brass pearl and black pearl.

libero 4000 Colour Up Your Life