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Entre-Deux, the new door system by Alfonso Femia / AF*Design for Albed



With Entre-Deux, designed by Alfonso Femia / AF*Design, Albed proposes a new door system that is not simply an element of separation but becomes a customizable and decorative architectural element conceived to enhance the connection between rooms.

This collection of swing doors is characterised by a thin “frame”, where the concept of front or back does not exist, while the jamb becomes a volume and projects itself into space, on one or both sides, with a profile with a slightly tapered section or constant thickness, and a depth of 205 mm.

The frame can be in six possible aluminum finishes (natural, champagne, gold, bronze, titanium, and black), natural stone or wood, and acquires a signaling and communicative value in the version with integrated lighting.

The formal minimalism of Entre-Deux, adaptable to walls with a thickness between 125 and 100 mm, can therefore be declined in dozens of possible configurations and a wide range of choices for the door panel, in transparent, satin, reflective, mirror-like, lucid, or stain back-lacquered glass, crafted with a pattern or with the insertion of fabrics, and again in natural, stained or lacquered wood in a variety of colors. The concealed hinges, tested for 100.000 cycles of use, allow for a 180º opening for pushing and pulling.

In addition, the Entre-Deux door has a maximum size of 300 cm in height and 100 or 120 in width. The glass version allows the rearward assembly flush with the frame to act directly on the balance of the environments.

Finally, Entre-Deux is a perfect system for residential or office projects and can be easily integrated with Albed’s All Ways partition walls system, realizing permeable wings enhanced by sculptural access.