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Giorgio Collection presents Infinity at Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai


This year again, Giorgio Collection returns to Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai for the event’s third edition (at the Western Hall of the SEC – Shanghai Exhibition Center from 22 to 24 November): the aim is to thrill the Chinese public by presenting this year’s new addition, the Infinity collection.

After making its debut here last year, Giorgio Collection will enliven its 100 sqm stand so as to continue its constructive and fruitful dialogue with the Chinese market, which is increasingly attracted by the creativity and manufacturing ability of the Brianza-based brand, which has been active for over 60 years. 

Designed by Giorgio Soressi, the collection captivates with the intensity of its sophisticated Makore mahogany, seduces with its veins of green Bolivia marble and fascinates with timeless gold details that embellish over 50 products in the catalogue, including accessories and upholstery. 

The stand features a bedroom area distinguished by the impressive volumes of the European-size bed, which is softened by the elegant headboard upholstered with fine satin velvet and by the chromed light gold slim, geometric feet which, raising the structure, highlight the lion’s head logo; it is accompanied by Makore bedside tables and a sophisticated vanity desk whose elements, from the mirror to the three drawers, are all distinguished by a polyhedral design.

The dining area contains the round Infinity table – featuring a Lazy Susan –, which captures your attention above all due to the peculiarity of its light gold sculptural base, a polyhedron whose faces become a source of light and reflective surface, making the whole structure dynamic.

The highlight of the whole collection is a true work of art: the console table with a mirror characterized by an innovative twist and an interpretation of Art Déco with a clean design and forms created from the careful study and processing of solid prisms capable of unexpected effects that amaze the observer.

In addition, the living area – the last room on show – features an important classic from the Vision collection, which dominates the setting: the Origami sofa, with its deep, comfortable volumes, characterized by soft cushions, is an invitation to relax. 

Finally, a tasteful mix of floor lamps and night lamps from the Infinity collection, along with the exquisite Vision chandelier, illuminate the sophisticated furnishings inspired by early-20th century Art Déco. 

Owner Fabio Masolo stresses that Shanghai is now a fundamental step in the process of consolidating Giorgio Collection’s presence on the international markets and especially in the luxury sector: for this reason Giorgio Collection – after the opening of its 800 sq m showroom in Shanghai, which was followed by openings in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Guangzhou – has already a scheduled a new opening in Xian for the end of 2019, as well as openings in Hangzhou and Suzhou next spring.