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Inspired in Barcelona, the exhibition is a tale of light


A tale of light, that releases the power of the sun and the benefits of social sharing through design.

At Milan Design Week 2019 table lamps, thin suspension, outdoor lanterns, retro-style products that recall post top luminaries, LED circle and bollards will play a leading role in the “Inspired in Barcelona: Mediterranean Design” exhibition, promoted by Catalonia Trade & Investment, Ajuntament de Barcelona and organized by BCD Barcelona Centre de Disseny with the participation of Habitat Cluster Barcelona.

In fact, the exhibition includes about 25 lighting collections, each with a different design, a different material and a different use, but all with the common matter of being “Mediterranean”, in tune with the values of the main Catalan city and its unique lifestyle.

From Vibia to Marset, from Santa&Cole to Estiluz, from Carpyen to Bover Barcelona Lights, from Faro Barcelona to Lamp and Tunds, the most famous Barcelona brands are matched with smaller companies and bring to attention a map of the most traditional spaces of Barcelona.

Urban lighting systems remember the streets, boardwalks and parks, that are typically filled with outdoor tables and equipment, thus offering the opportunity to enjoy social times; furthermore, lighting collections characterized by a combination of materials such as wood, metal, stone and ceramic, suggest the idea of being at home, while iconic suspensions refers to workspaces or hospitality areas.

In conclusion, inside a large open space in 14, via Dante, the exhibition offers a combination of the best Mediterranean Design manufactured in Barcelona: there are no rooms but just design products that let the international audience to experience the real feelings coming from the rhythms and the colors of the city and its distinctive cultural heritage.