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Licia, the total look by ARAN Cucine for the living area



Today, the perfect combination of the kitchen with the living room often demands a total look for the living area, a complete project offered by ARAN Cucine thanks to its great productive flexibility.

On this subject, an example is Licia, a collection in which traditional elements find the right balance with other more contemporary, and where the warmth of wood meets a careful and refined design.

The protagonist of each single composition is the oak door, available in different finishes: from the veneered MDF to the screened glass, satin or writable blackboard, through an original wire mesh.

The special workmanship of the crossbars means that there is no need for handles or c-channels, because the door design itself provides a “handle grip” – also available for drawers and baskets – which allows you to easily open and close all of the storage compartments.

The working area, spreading over the wall unit and the kitchen island, includes a Forty laminate worktop in Cemento Wraky finish and Sand oak doors, also chosen for the oven and fridge tall units.

The wall cabinets metal grid in testa di moro finish lightens the composition and fits perfectly with Watch-it bookcase in the same finish; and precisely the latter, made with aluminum structure and metal shelves, becomes an element able to separate the living area from the kitchen with an elegant interplay of solids and voids.

In the living room, the hanging units coordinated in Sand oak are matched with silk grey lacquered open units, and here all the furnishing elements create harmony and balance in one of the most lived-in spaces of the house.

Licia catalogue offers many possibilities of customization, from the choice of the kitchen layouts and units up to finishes and colours; there are also accessories and technological devices, such as slow motion hinges which you can deactivate manually, LED lights inside the compartments, aluminum heat shield protection, for example in oven columns and dividers for drawers and baskets.

With Licia ARAN Cucine offers an always versatile solution, perfect for the entire living area, aimed at any market segment.