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Moscow Design Week, Simone Micheli presents Organic Shapes


On the occasion of the Moscow Design Week (October 9th-14th), the architect Simone Micheli lands in Russia to present the exhibition ORGANIC SHAPES an extreme lobby and spa design, an emotional and welcoming circuit defined by vivid forms, bright tones and energy flows that unravel from objects and extend into space, where the white color creates short circuits and tears.

The project has been made possible thanks to many important companies: Antonio Frattini, Aquaspecial, AV Drop, Ave, Barel, I Profumatori, Lyxo, Oikos, Schiavone Interiors & Contract, Spacecannon, Vanità & Casa, Frascio, Toshiba Europe, Hafele, Linak. 

The spa area is built around the human desire to reconstruct the ancestral original harmony, transporting the soul in a suspended dimension, out of the contemporary reality; the shapes are combined, the colors are blend elegantly together and transfigure the reality. 

The lobby, on the other hand, is a space dedicated to welcoming and meeting: determined, clear in its manifestation, it grants to the visitor the freedom of movement, of choice and of satisfaction on the basis of the contingent need; the images on the walls present the world of contemporary hospitality, suggesting its possible evolution. 

The whole installation is smart, based on the strong meaning of the relationship between people, between object and concept, between execution and idea; consequently, the work is dedicated to illustrate to the public the value of conceptual experimentation and research on forms, materials and products to be used. 

In addition, the design of the entire installation is based on the concept of sustainability, both from the point of view of the attention placed towards the environment and the reference contexts in which a new hospitable structure could arise, both with regard to the choice of materials to be used and the composition of the spaces. 

Sustainability therefore also as a synonym of design intelligence and economy of systems and materials, eliminating the superfluous and focusing on the meaning of the substantial, for a new concept of wellness area