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Multiplo, sophisticated micro-architectures for the new system by Ceramica CIELO


Sophisticated contemporary micro-architectures are the essence of Multiplo, the new modular system of ceramic tops and cabinets, designed by Andrea Parisio e Giuseppe Pezzano for Ceramica CIELO and conceived to enhance functionality and simplicity.

From industrial aesthetics, Multiplo is a smart solution to furnish the bathroom in a dynamic and versatile way, because few elements give life to a multiplicity of combinations: from the simple ceramic top on which to place different collections of bowls to the most complete solution with a storage compartment or an open day cabinet.

As usual, the heart of the project is always the ceramic, characterized by new dimensions, thicknesses, surfaces and colours: the free modularity of the ceramic tops, integrated into modular steel structures and storage units and visible storage compartments, gives rise, in fact, to a flexible and articulated system capable of dressing the environment with horizontal and vertical elements, in symmetrical and specular solutions, in a game of full and empty that gives rhythm to the walls.

In addition, to enrich this exceptional collection, characterized by strong personality and adaptability, is Minimultiplo, the brand new compact module designed to meet the furnishing needs of particularly small spaces.

With a minimal aesthetic in the signature of maximum personalization, the extreme modularity and the colour combinations of Multiplo are really surprising: as many as 18 compatible washbasins, installable on ceramic tops – available in 6 sizes (40×29 cm, 50×48 cm, 70×48 cm , 90×48 cm and 120×48 cm) and in the 16 nuances and tactility inspired by nature of the Terre di Cielo colour palette – and lacquered wood storage cabinets and open day compartments, available in 8 delicate shades of the range: Talco, Pomice, Brina, Arenaria , Avena, Cemento, Basalto and Muschio.

Finally, maximizing the functionality of the compositions without ever compromising the harmony, the designer towel rail element comes in the Nero Matt and Cemento finishes the same as the structure.

In conclusion, Ceramica CIELO proposes a transversal solution ideal for furnishing residential and contract environments of all sizes, capable of combining beauty and performance.