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New floral motifs for Luoghi collection by G.T. DESIGN



Luoghi is the collection of rugs in virgin wool from New Zealand created by Deanna Comellini for G.T. DESIGN, composed of unique pieces and distinguished above all by being painted by hand on both sides. Looking ahead to 2024, the brand presents a preview of a new element of the iconic Luoghi collection.

In the new rug, strokes of black, red and magenta are enhanced as protagonists; these strokes blend to create exclusive floral patterns, making the rug of great visual impact.

One of the most peculiar features of the collection, noticeable also in this new rug, and which enhance the artistic training and the painterly spirit of Deanna Comellini, founder and art director of G.T. DESIGN, is modularity.

This rug collection in lightweight wool combines different sections sewn and finished by hand, creating a series of unique textile works. Each section has different sizes and shapes that perfectly fit the needs of the project. By playing with the different combinations, it is possible to personalize and make the environments to furnish unique and innovative.

In addition to the artistic aspect, Luoghi is also characterized by lightness and warmth given by a durable and natural material such as wool.

Deanna Comellini explains:

Light as plaids, warm and enveloping as clothes, the rugs of the Luoghi collection, create highly welcoming spaces dedicated to wellness.”