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New total look for the bathroom: Scarabeo presents Wall Covering

April 13, 2021

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New total look for the bathroom: Scarabeo presents Wall Covering


Being a top-class partner in the design and manufacture of complete, elegant, functional bathroom settings, Scarabeo proposes Wall Covering, a new variety of wall papers that have been especially designed for bathrooms, in addition to a wide selection of washbasins, sanitary fittings and interior decoration items.

Wall covering in bathrooms is an extremely important element, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality; Scarabeo Wall Covering is a versatile collection of wall coverings available in six textures; each texture comes in the standard version for humid areas, and in the water resistant fibre glass version for areas that are typically in contact with water, such as showers or bathtubs.

All Wall Covering types include the assembly kit for a rapid, yet perfect installation and represent an original way to design the space and protect the walls of your bathroom, with the most diverse styles thanks to the large number of available patterns.

Let’s discover them.


A geometric design with elegant tones. With its decidedly dark background, the light-coloured lines organised in concentric movements provide a stark contrast, creating an optical-style visual effect.

The picture shows the PO101 Wall Covering as the perfect companion with the ABLE console designed by Davide Vercelli, with its matt black metal structure and wooden shelf-tops in Rovere Brizzo. The matching mirror, with incorporated shelves adds the final touches to the setting.


Thanks to a design with a specially conceived perspective, the PO102 Wall Covering offers a fabric effect with folds and waves evoking the sensation of a backdrop in movement giving it the appearance of a curtain.

In the picture, Scarabeo completes the setting with the FRAME 2.0 console created by EMO Design, bathroom fittings with Ardesia finish and the round white washbasin from the Glam collection with Pois Strip decoration in black.


A texture with vertical lines through which you can see large, circular geometric motifs, whose quadrants have delicate nuances of colour with touches of green, grey and pink.

The picture shows the perfectcombination between the Wall Covering PO103 and the TEOREMA 2.0 rectangular washbasin with Line decoration in green. The console is FRAME 2.0 in the 90 cm version.


Soft, light hues with an elegantly delicate effect. Horizontal lines in different colour gradations tilt and turn creating depth and perspective effects, thus achieving a motif which appears in continual movement.

The picture shows the FRAME 2.0 console supporting a round washbasin from the GLAM range with Ardesia finish.


A botanical-style texture, with tone-on-tone colouring and large flowers and leaves with 3D-effect by virtue of the way they have been drawn. The motif is further refined with flower pistils shown in golden hues adding a delicate sophistication.

The picture shows the FUJI console by EMO Design, in the 79 cm version with incorporated towel rail, providing an alluring solution that blends perfectly with the PO105 Wall Covering.


A whole host of signs, marks and geometric shapes, rigorously in black, filling the light-coloured background, creating a setting that is both dynamic and elegant at the same time. The timeless allure of black&white is developed here in an unusual and playful texture.

The picture shows the FUJI console by EMO Design, with white tones on the metal structure and GLAM washbasin, which delicately blends in with the wall, creating an infinite number of combinations with other black elements, accessories and more besides.