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Nirvana, Megius’ sauna is a unique experience



Warmth, peace and serenity: these are the feelings inside Nirvana, the sauna by Megius that reinterprets a trendy material like glass to become an element to be exhibited in the space, open to contaminations with other materials.

The external glass claddings and walls that envelop the Nirvana project, previously unexplored and unprecedented, create suggestive reflections that amplify domestic and relaxation spaces. There are two types of external claddings: two woods, Spruce and Hemlock, in veneered version, or two glasses, white and black, back-painted. The internal claddings are in Hemlock or classic Spruce, painted black or white on the back wall with a narrow slat texture, while all other walls are veneered.

The heat bath performed inside the spruce wood cabin of Nirvana is a unique experience: with water poured over specific stones that absorb heat and release it gradually into the environment naturally and evenly, the body begins to expel significant amounts of toxins.

Sizes available for purchase are: 1500×1200 cm, 1700×1300 cm, 2000×1500 cm, 2100×1800 cm,  suitable for domestic or contract installations. In a private home, it becomes a beautiful object to display, functional for personal well-being; in a hotel, small or large, it enriches the most luxurious suites or allows wellness oases open to guests with low management and maintenance impact.