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Oblomow by Clan Milano, a celebration of conviviality


In tune with the whimsy and bespoke attitude of Clan Milano, the quality of design and the dramatic visual impact are the most important elements of Oblomow, the collection designed by Alessandro La Spada for the Brianza-based company to celebrate the moments of easy conviviality.

The collection is composed of the sofa and the armchair, characterised by soft padded modules which form oblong and sculptural figures that evoke a welcoming atmosphere of “sweet idleness”; in addition, the lack of edges and the delicacy of the powder pink velvet upholstery soften the rigorous design approach, while repetition stands out as the formal and stylistic leitmotif of the collection.

In conclusion, Oblomow by Clan Milano expresses the perfect combination of relaxation and comfort, rationality and aesthetic charm to enhance the living space’s beauty.