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PANIS, Amura celebrates Altamura bread


Altamura bread: a symbol of Italian cuisine and culture. Today, this traditional Apulian bread becomes the inspiration for PANIS, the new collection proposed by Amura to pay homage to its land of origin, inviting to conviviality.

The iconic image of the large loafs, a veritable local cult, are evoked by a line of upholstery with generous, soft shapes that can be declined in all possible configurations: in particular, the cuts geometricize the enveloping shapes of the collection, to remember precisely the cuts made on the dough of the bread of Altamura and that, with leavening, determine the classic shape. 

The swift and essential lines, though never severe, that shape the entire collection also hint back at the stamps traditionally used by each Altamurana family to mark their own loafs, some fascinating hand-carved wooden artefacts with hints at an evident link between design, nature and ancestral knowledge.

Designed by Emanuel Gargano, Anton Cristell, Elisabetta Furin and Rosaria Copeta, PANIS collection is the perfect touch of Italy for your home.