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Paola Lenti, the fresh patterns of Strap side tables for spring season



Spring is approaching. Paola Lenti’s Strap side table series welcomes its arrival with new patterns inspired by natural colours and forms. The vibrant hues of the large leaves designed on the tabletops in enamelled copper stand out prominently, adding a distinctive touch that echoes the regenerative power of nature.

© Sergio Chimenti

The true enchantment of Strap lies in the Grand Feu enamelling, a sophisticated artisan technique with a millennia-old tradition, seamlessly melding two seemingly incompatible materials, metal and glass.

© Sergio Chimenti

Handcrafted by artist Alessandra Malfatti in her Padua workshop, this enamelling method involves a meticulous and extended process of high-temperature melting, resulting in unique transparencies, opacities, and oxidations that vary with each creation. The lively and radiant colours are capable of infusing spaces of any style with a strong personality.

© Sergio Chimenti

Conceived for outdoor use but equally suitable indoors, the Strap series adapts seamlessly to both contract and residential projects, whether in expansive settings or smaller spaces like balconies and terraces.