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Paradise Lost, Lorena d’Ilio’s flowers for SpaghettiWall



Lorena d’Ilio, the designer and founder of the Milanese Studio Mamo, defines herself as a “digital painter” and conducts research on trends for the fashion and furnishing industry. For SpaghettiWall she created Paradise Lost, a new wallpaper collection inspired by the delicacy and fragility of flowers.

The five subjects – XXL Glow, Chrysalis in Motion, Dancing Together, Flower Clouds and Ephemeral Archive – are thus the result of an artistic process developed in different phases. The first one sees the creation of photographic images, where an accent zoom on the morphology of the flora produces exciting and detailed macros. Then, Lorena d’Ilio proceeds by transferring the shots into the digital scenario, stylising them because “my great fear is that one day all this beauty may disappear and from this suggestion I have created correlations of species, extinct and decomposed flowers that, through digitalisation mutate and take on other forms; they multiply, they modify themselves in an endless process.

Here, the delicate contour lines of the petals emerge as light marks, redrawn, which, in the last step, are made personal thanks to the introduction of colour, now full, deep and vibrant, now dotted, following only the outlines. The patterns, hand-painted, are sophisticated and cultured, as they release the metaphor of a natural world subjected to “several phases of observation, a captured, delicate and fragile moment of a vulnerability put on display“.

They cover interior surfaces and can be used to create entire walls or panels to be used as decorative canvases, even overlapping each other. Finally, the very high-resolution printing of Paradise Lost accentuates the intensity of the textures, customisable in a selection of colour variants and available on seven media with different properties, for application in different types of spaces, even in direct contact with water.