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ProCare and Protect, the high-performance glass according to duka

December 4, 2020

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ProCare and Protect, the high-performance glass according to duka


Born from the perfect fusion of design, technological innovation, quality of materials and components, duka shower enclosures dedicate a special attention to the treatment of glass in order to guarantee a beautiful, functional, long-lasting and safe product.

For this reason, duka shower enclosures are made of tempered safety glass, characterized by high resistance to impacts, perforations, temperature changes and great resistance to bending – aspects that determine the reliability and safety of each product.

In order to obtain the best aesthetic performance and therefore offer transparency and brilliance that can last over time, duka has included ProCare and Protect in its proposal.

ProCare is a technical treatment of glass: through a special and innovative magnetronic coating of metal oxides, bonded to the glass thanks to a specific prestressing process, it allows water to slip away, minimizing the deposit of residues; the glass stays as clean and shiny for a longer time and, furthermore, ProCare makes cleaning the shower enclosure extremely quick and easy.

Protect is a coating that is applied to the glass surface to make it water-repellent and smooth, preventing dirt and limescale from altering the natural shine of our quality glass; glass treated with Protect is easier and faster to clean than untreated glass.

Combining shape and substance, the glass of duka shower enclosures is designed to preserve its quality in terms of resistance and beauty for a long time, independent of the finish in which it is declined.