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Salone del Mobile 2019, Smania previews the new Nest collection


Starting from the union between man and nature, Smania is preparing to launch Nest, the new exclusive collection that will be presented on the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2019 to propose a very dynamic vision of living, expressed through an eclectic and fascinating design, perfectly in line with the classic and modern taste of Smania.

Inspired by the freedom and the lightness of being outdoors, without however renouncing luxury and elegance, Nest is a collection designed primarily for the living, dining and night areas, but characterised by great versatility, which makes it perfect for a wide variety of solutions: from the apartment in the city to the country villa, from the veranda to the winter garden.

Nest is composed of the KILLIAN series, armchair and sofa, in the double linear and angular version, the ZAREN and HARRIET coffee tables, the latter available in round and square versions, the FLINT table, round and rectangular, combined with the ANTILLIA armchair, the CASSIDY sideboard, the ATLANTIS double bed and the KIDA bedside table.

Wood is reconfirmed as the protagonist with sinuous lines and soft finishes, in perfect harmony with other noble materials, such as leather, metals, fabrics and glass, all with surprising textures: these are refined, sophisticated combinations inspired by the charm of Magnolia and Traditional, two of Smania’s historic collections, with a strong colonial flavour, enamoured of telling the story of the use of woven leather in luxurious homes.

In addition, in Nest the interweaving, rigorous or more whimsical, alternates with motifs borrowed from nature, such as that of leaves: all expressions of Smania’s skilled workmanship and taste for perfection interpreted by Nest collection, which fully reflects the brand’s philosophy with its exclusive style and sartorial quality.