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Sartoria, the romantic tradition of the new Decorata surfaces



Decorata is the name of the new collection proposed by Terratinta Group’s flagship brand Sartoria in order to celebrate traditional shapes with a sense of contemporaneity.

Decorata’s “Cementine” are capable of recalling romantic ideals and family values of a cherished past: the result is a neutral, harmonious surface, with a matt finish slightly timeworn.

Available in the 15×15 size, 8.5 mm thickness, in glazed porcelain stoneware, Decorata comes in three neutral shades and 12 decorations that alternate geometric and floral shapes on the surface in a fine combination of straight and curved lines.

Perfect for any type of setting, through its twelve different subjects, Decorata allows you to create single subject poses or mix different patterns to create original compositional schemes, suitable for use both on walls and floors.

Professionals and consumers can create their favourite combination, even in commercial settings such as boutique hotels, book clubs, wine bars, etc.