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Shifu, stylish minimalism for the new sofa by Borzalino



With an attractive, elegant and comfortable style, Shifu is the new sofa proposed by Borzalino in 2022, focusing on minimal style that well fits to both casual and refined environments.

Shifu’s profile has been shaped to obtain soft geometric modules, tightened together by a light metal structure, composed of a few simple tapered strokes; armrests and backrests are therefore voluntarily scrolled down, to better embrace their beloved sitting, and the contrasting tension between visible frame and cushions is canceled in the mutual exchange of forms and contents.

Shifu sectional sofa has been designed to allow the highest freedom of design: in addition to a wide range of elements, you can choose whether or not to add one or two armrests; it can also be enriched with furnishing cushions coming from the same line.

With this proposal, the Tuscan company inaugurates 2022, a year that promises to be full of news and exciting projects.