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SICAM 2021, Abet Laminati’s surprising news



On the occasion of SICAM 2021, the International Exhibition for Components, Accessories and Semi-Finished Products for the Furniture Industry, at the new display area designed by Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni, Abet Laminati presented a preview of the new GEO finish, EASY MEG and DIAFOS – as well as existing technologies including Polaris, Metalleido solutions and Abet’s new identity as a Digital Factory.


GEO finish, with its basic texture and light rippling effect, evokes natural elements and emphasises the three-dimensional effect of stone, thanks to the combination of rough grooves and smooth inlets. New decors inspired by the world of stone and ideal for the kitchen were presented.

EASY MEG is the easy and ready-to-use system for the realisation of external facades; it is durable, easy to install and low maintenance; it is also available in three different fixing systems: Closed Joint, Open Joint and Overlapping.


DIAFOS is the translucent laminate – awarded the Compasso d’Oro in 1987 – produced for the first time in 1987 and now re-proposed in a new guise, sizes and colours thanks to Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni, Abet design curators.

POLARIS leads the category of latest generation products by Abet Laminati, serving as a sophisticated and durable reference point for inquisitive designers who seek unusual results; warm and soft to the touch, Polaris is highly resistant to scratches, heat and fingerprints.


In addition, METALLEIDO structural solutions are designed to combine the strength and lightness of panels with the functionality and timeless elegance of surfaces.

Some examples include Esacore and Monocore panels made up of a super-light core, in aluminium and fibreglass respectively, intended to create furniture components, kitchen tops, ceiling, wall and floor coverings (all highly customisable solutions).

And more…

Digital Print by Adam Nathaniel Furman


Abet has recently completed the largest investment and development plan ever undertaken by the company. This programme also involved DIGITAL PRINT: a new digital printer capable of producing up to 400 square metres per hour up to a maximum width of 1,860 mm has arrived in Bra.


The new “ABET Digital Factory” offers space, equipment and workstations dedicated to customers and proposes a tailor-made service and many solutions, from the object to print to the surface finishes, ensuring the highest flexibility in production and a great aesthetic impact; last but not least, the entire floor area of the exhibition stand will be covered with Naval Deck, digitally printed decorative laminate designed for the interior areas of boats.