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SRA – Studio Rocchi Architettura designs the new Capsule Collection by WallPepper®/Group



WallPepper®/Group worked together with SRA – Studio Rocchi Architettura to create a new, surprising wallpaper Capsule Collection ollection designed to renovate contemporary spaces, contract and residential ones.

From bedroom to bathroom, from living to dining areas, from studios to lounge, brand-new graphics show the unreleased possibility to customize every surface and to reach that desired aesthetics and uniqueness for every interior design.

Riccardo Rocchi, founder of the SRA, explains:

When I was asked to think of a Capsule Collection, having always been designed for private clients in a relationship of uniqueness and directionality […], I’ve chosen to take inspiration from drawings that had already been part of my architectural planning, and which could be reworked to become decorative graphic images. Chain, Big Chain, Circle e Square, names that precisely recall the lines in the graphics, suggesting new ‘scenarios’ to set everyday life, in an ideal balance between stylistic originality, characterized by an engaging dialogue between colors, geometries and botanical patterns, and high-performance materials adaptable to any use and context.”

In the images, circles and chains intersect and overlap, emerging from the background as clear and defined shapes that create perspectives able to transform spaces, giving the walls an extraordinary effect of movement.

The exclusive Capsule Collection signed by SRA makes the wall decoration a truly stylish element for any kind of space, always ensuring maximum functionality, comfort and resistance, in tune with WallPepper®/Group philosophy.