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The “positive” workplace by Karim Rashid for Newform Ufficio


Serenity and positivity in the workplace. Is it a dream?

Newform Ufficio worked together with Karim Rashid to create Hook, a new collection of completely modular furnishings – winner of the Award Recipient C77DA – The Best of Design – ideal for organizing office space as much as possible for work. 

According to Rashid, the office space should be comfortable and give inspiration, a sense of freedom, personalization and sharing at the same time; on the other hand, touches of color, pop art work and simple divisions can create a private environment in line with the space in which you are located. 

Starting from fluid, clean and bright spaces, the desks, the nerve center of the collection around which all the elements are developed, can be customized in terms of finishes and colors. 

Under the worktop it is possible to insert a second, entire or shelf-sized top, to place diaries, documents or files, but also useful for managing and hiding cables; there are also drawers, special modules to insert hard drives, shelf systems and small load bearing shelves to replace thin metal legs. 

In addition, to free the tables from any unnecessary clutter, Rashid and Newform Ufficio have created LED lamps that like a rainbow embrace the entire length of the desks and that, beside illuminating the desktop, spread a pleasant ambient light. 

Finally, to create workstations made up of several desks, a series of translucent screens and side panels both allow moments of privacy and concentration and moments of collaboration, allowing the passage of light and air and thus avoiding a possible sense of claustrophobia. 

A game of shapes, materials and colors becoming synonymous with freedom, creativity and positivity in every working environment: this is Hook.