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The Art of Precision, Signature Kitchen Suite’s experience at Milan Design Week



Signature Kitchen Suite, high-end built-in appliances of the LG Electronics group, invites you to discover The Art of Precision during the installation/event (free and open to the public) that will take place within its spectacular showroom during Milan Design Week (April 16-24, 2024).

Precision is the distinctive element of Signature Kitchen Suite products appliances that offer the highest performance, thanks to a winning combination of cutting-edge technology and design with an eye for detail.

The Art of Precision initiative offers a pathway made of experiences, discoveries and encounters with some crafts that are synonymous with precision. Together with these Master Craftsmen – the flavourist, the watch maker, the chef, the baker and the glazier – visitors can discover the different degrees of precision in the kitchen and, at the same time, how Signature Kitchen Suite puts these principles into practice within its products, guaranteeing the most precise conservation and enhancement when cooking food from scratch.

Along the way, in addition to discovering the most important appliances of the line, the projects of Signature Kitchen Suite with the design world will be revealed. Brand new is the collaboration with Patricia Urquiola for the design of a cabinet designed around the Undercounter convertible refrigerator. In addition, the partnership with m2atelier continues for a new version of SKINS, the elegant wine cabinet for the Undercounter wine cellar.

The stages of the showroom experience

Firstly, together visitors will discover the flavourist, a figure in between an alchemist, a perfumier and a chef, and discover why the precise ratio of ingredients is fundamental to creating an aroma and an original recipe. Combination steam ovens, according to the same principle, provide the Gourmet Chef function that allows better measurement of the recipes’ cooking steps, through the automatic and precise selection of the programmes.

The master watchmaker offers a fascinating demonstration of the art of precision linked to time, likewise fundamental in the kitchen. It will be interesting to discover how the Flex induction cook top allows timely management of the cooking area, or how the Vino Cantina wine refrigerator, through its patented technology, contributes to the perfect conservation of wine over time.

Precise temperature management is essential in the kitchen for the correct provision of the ingredients: it can be seen with the glazier, true Master in the precise control of the temperature for processing glass. The convertible drawer of the French Door guarantees maximum flexibility in temperature management, for the best conservation of foods.

Last but not least, the chef of the Signature Kitchen Suite Food Academy will show how precision is the result of practice, while the master baker also becomes an ambassador of precision with his presentation of chocolate sculptures that can be tasted.