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The first yachting collection by Paola Lenti



Premièred on the occasion of the 2023 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, Capri, Sabrina and Elianto products are part of the first yachting collection designed by Norwegian designer Espen Øino for Paola Lenti by mixing simple lines and great functionality.

First of all, Capri folding chair and deck chair, Sabrina small armchair and Elianto platform, focus on reducing environmental impact through the use of recyclable and recycled materials. The padding, made of polyester fiber Aerelle®blue, is a testament to this common commitment, created from plastics recovered along riverbeds and at sea.

What truly sets this collection apart is its exceptional functionality tailored for life at sea.

The Capri chair and deck chair, being folding and easily storable, create free space in compact environments. Sabrina, with its generous proportions, fosters convivial moments around the table during extended dinners or meetings aboard. Lastly, Elianto, thanks to its circular design, allows occupants to follow the sun without shifting the seat.

Espen Øino’s experience in designing mega yachts that blend luxury with practicality is complemented by Paola Lenti’s expertise in materials research to create a collection that meets the needs of sea and sailing enthusiasts.