The Nasu armchairs by Zilio A&C furnish the new Felix Meritis in Amsterdam

May 3, 2021

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The Nasu armchairs by Zilio A&C furnish the new Felix Meritis in Amsterdam


The Felix Meritis in Amsterdam was built in 1788 to accommodate the intellectual and cultural movement of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and thinkers called “The Enlightenment”, combining different departments for music, commerce, literature, physics and drawing.

Today for this restauration the prestigious i29 architectural firm based in Amsterdam was inspired by the fascinating history of the building, recreating in each area the personality of the artistic expression for which it was intended.

In particular, the Felix restaurant interprets a 17th century Dutch period room, proposing a modern palette of colors and historic fabric wall coverings: the Buro Belén studio combined personalized design fabrics, materials and colors and the image of a typical Dutch sky has been translated into a tactile wallcovering which contributes to superb acoustics.

In this “celestial” atmosphere, the architects chose Nasu lounge chairs, designed by Studio Mentsen for Zilio A&C,  with soft, enveloping lines, with a wooden structure and solid ash legs, characterized by the back which draws a light curve moving from arm to arm; the upholstery for Nasu chairs was supplied by the client: soft blue leather for a truly refined personalization in harmony with the whole environment.

For a conciliating invitation to relax.