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The new radiators V8 e Pi&no by Antrax IT


Their names are V8 e Pi&no and they are the new aluminium heated towel rails by Antrax IT: their design is compact, clean and linear, aimed at improving thermal performance, reducing energy consumption and perfectly integrating into the bathroom space, whatever its style or size. 

V8 and Pi&no are composed of two vertical tubes to which horizontal elements are anchored; these elements feature repeatedly but at a different rhythm: Pi&no has a stronger aesthetic impact than V8 due to the higher number of horizontal elements it is composed of. 

Easy to install, V8 and Pi&no act as practical supports for heating towels and, thanks to their compact size, they adapt to the surrounding space and disperse heat in the entire bathroom space; V8 in particular was designed to add heat to bathroom spaces which already dispose of a heating system (flooring, air-con, etc.); in addition to the heated towel rail function, Pi&no adds a great deal of thermal power which can heat up small and medium-sized spaces. 

V8 and Pi&no are available in two different heights (101.6 or 159.2 cm) and widths (40 and 50 cm) and work with hot water, electrical or mixed settings; finally, both radiators can be fitted with a hook to support a bathrobe and are available in one of the 200+ colour options in the Antrax IT catalogue.