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The new Wet System collection by Wall&decò


A balance of sophisticated and unprecedented tonalities: this is the leitmotif of the new WET SYSTEM 2019 collection – a patented technical coating by Wall&decò for waterproofing and decorating shower walls and humid interiors.

Now, the wallpaper for bathroom interiors is immersed in constant light which permeates objects and interiors and generates a skilfully dosed colour balance, creating calm and meditative interiors.

The palette of colours is filtered through an alternation of profoundly material and consistent textures, while colour combinations are exclusive: powdery purples and dark red enter interiors and denote them, despite being enriched by a translucent effect which limits them, enables their perfect harmony and prevents them from becoming overbearing.

In addition, the new WET SYSTEM 2019 collection features alongside the OUT SYSTEM 2019 collection, enriched by five new graphics with material effects, evoking braided fabrics or recounting geometric and architectonic patterns; textures embrace an illusory connotation, despite perfectly integrating with the surrounding environment.

WET SYSTEM, patented at international level, is a real system made of different components (primer, specific glue, technical printed fabric and protective finishes) that successfully meets its main purpose, a high decorative value, as well as boasting a wide range of technical properties – resistance to water, dampness, yellowing, abrasion and harsh house cleaning products.

On the other hand, OUT SYSTEM is the covering for facades that combines new decorative options to important structural features that strengthen the wall surface on which it is applied, conferring resistance against knocks, tears, abrasions, rain and UV rays.

A winning pair signed by Wall&decò.