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Tonelli and Karim Rashid, Lilypad celebrates 20 years of cooperation



Lilypad is the name of the new cocktail table with which Tonelli Design, Italian brand of designer glass furniture, celebrated 20 years of cooperation with designer Karim Rashid, whose eclectic and irreverent style characterizes the product’s concept.

The name Lilypad is inspired by the organic shape of this etheric flower’s leaves and its hypnotic light floating in water. Organic shaped tops are the distinctive trait of this welded glass table that plays with the alternance of the finishes and the harmonic lines. Three shaped tops are available in smoked, extra clear and bronze glass.

The two different heights, almost like suspended floating, allow to put them next to each other and juxtapose them giving life to creative and original compositions.

Michele Bacchiocchi and Michele Gasperini, owners of Tonelli Design, explain:

“Glass is the element we love and if with other collections we focused on multi-materiality, with Lilypad we give up to the transcendent force of glass in different versions. Our glass is that of the classic etheric and bright transparencies, the warm and charming one of the coloured glass, the fused three-dimensional one, modern and decorative with its different textures. An unexpected glass that declares, with its natural imperfections, its artisan soul, alive and vibrant, that contributes to give life to a new exclusive experience.”