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UNStudio and laCividina furnish the new Porsche Studio in China



Today, in the automotive field, showrooms have evolved from just displaying and selling cars to becoming spaces in which to offer the customer a personalised experience in a network of people with the same interests.

In Changsha, China, laCividina‘s customised flexible furnishings and configurations have been chosen by UNStudio to reinterpret the exhibition spaces of the famous car company Porsche, through the creation of fluid environments designed to interact with each other and offer privacy according to different usage needs.

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In the new Porsche Studio the brand values must also be visible in the interior design. Next to the two exhibition areas dedicated to cars, the showroom also houses a cafeteria, a relaxing lounge, a personalisation area and a merchandising display area. All areas can be screened by a system of movable curtains, which allows the individual areas to take on different functions and create the right amount of privacy when needed. The space, in fact, is presented as an open plan, but with small niches and a precise arrangement of furniture to define the different areas.

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This is made possible above all thanks to the Node+ system and Accursio coffee tables from laCividina. Node+ is an articulated and complex system comprising upholstered elements, backrests, partitions and accessories with which micro-architectures are designed to be dedicated to relaxation and work, privacy and socialisation. The partition panels insulate and protect; armrests, backrests and cushions can be freely positioned; the desk becomes a workstation; the occasional tables serve as additional support. additional support. This flexibility has allowed UNStudio to create configurations that meet different usage needs, depending on the location of the seat, which – in effect – also defines the very function of the space. With the Node+ system, it was then possible to create solutions proportional to the available space, while the choice of upholstery is a tribute to the finishes of the elegant Porsche interiors.