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WAVE COLLECTION, Fantin’s curved metal



The Wave desk designed by ruga.perissinotto is the introduction to Fantin’s new curved metal collection, produced using precisely calculated curves and radial lines.

Until now, bent sheet metal has always been seen as a part of a product, perhaps playing a crucial role but never a core conceptual feature. With Wave it takes centre stage as an element steeped in aesthetic appeal. ruga.perissinotto explain:

“On one side is our talent for designing two-dimensional shapes and lines that unfold on planes to form volumes. On the other is Fantin’s total mastery of the technology behind bending, which is the metal processing stage from which everything subsequently stems.”

Wave uses the bending process to write a new alphabet formed by a few smooth joints with carefully gauged dimensions. Following on from each other, they set out a flexible new stylistic language that can adapt to suit various product types.

105 cm long and 35 cm wide, the top of the Wave floating desk merges seamlessly with the shelf below, which plays both a structural and a functional role. The handy unit can be placed either on the right or on the left and provided with or without a drawer.

Complementing the collection on its debut are a number of small accessories such as bookends and magnetic wall shelves, all of which are part of the new alphabet.

They range from bookends with sides, which break up the jumbled, multi-coloured spines with a single shade, to wave-shaped bookends like miniature works of architecture that users can play with and personalize, highlighting them or hiding them.

All of the items in the collection can be produced in all 35 finishes in the Fantin colour palette using non-toxic powder coatings, including the 11 new colours introduced in 2024.

In addition, there is the part played by sustainability. For example, Fantin uses 100% recyclable materials, such as the metal that has always been a distinguishing feature of its products and the etched glass tops for the Frame Kitchen that it introduced in matching hues last year. Furthermore, it has a short supply chain and uses cutting-edge production technology, such as its coating system. The latter uses nothing but non-toxic powder coatings and boasts an innovative internal recycling system that enables it to reduce its consumption of colours.