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Zilio A&C, the Seleri chairs furnish Izumi restaurant in Copenhagen


Pan-Projects studio has designed the new layout for Charlottenlund’s Izumi restaurant in Copenhagen, and has chosen the Seleri chairs, designed by Mentsen for Zilio A&C, to furnish a space which fuses together Japanese and Nordic culture, identifying their points of contact and proposing a synthesis starting from food and style.

The interior project favors an essential design, played on the chromatic combination between the white color and the wood essence: it is a bright and relaxing space where you can fully concentrate on the sensory experience of food.

In addition, the lightness of the walls inspired by the classic paper dividers of Japanese houses goes along with the soft lines of curved wooden panels, reminiscent of traditional Danish carpentry.

In this context, the choice of Seleri chairs in natural oak turned out to be ideal, both for the strong formal and chromatic assonances, and because this proposal perfectly reflects Izumi’s concept, which always sees new chances of meeting between Eastern and Western world.

In conclusion, Seleri is a seat with an international mood and a successful mixture of craftmanship tradition and Japanese aethetics, capable of entering into a harmonious dialogue with the clean and genuine interiors designed by Pan-Projects.