Spaghetti Wall, theatrical glimples and 3D effects for wallpapers

March 16, 2022

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Spaghetti Wall, theatrical glimples and 3D effects for wallpapers


Among the nine collections of wallpaper proposed by the Italian-based company Spaghetti Wall, playful perspectives, intersecting geometries and images illustrated on several planes make Artwork, Boiserie and Wall the perfect solutions to decorate walls and give them special three-dimensional effects.

Theatrical glimpses and repeating motifs seem to burst out of the surface with stripes, polka dots and other optical designs in numerous colour alternatives and on five types of material, with no limit to the height and width of the roll starting from 50 cm.

These wallpapers feature different properties depending on their intended use and can have sound absorbing or water-repellent properties, high mechanical strength, a strongly textured appearance or a composition made entirely of natural and recyclable materials to ensure maximum sustainability.

Created by Brioschi Ventrelli, Monogramma and Studio Malisan, the three-dimensional graphics of the Spaghetti Wall collections are conceived to be used in the interiors of any kind of project, from residential environments to contract design spaces.