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A country villa: the project by MIDE Architetti


The beautiful countryside around Treviso is the main source of inspiration for the new project designed by the Venetian studio MIDE Architetti, which signs a villa immersed in the rural landscape of Montebelluna looking for the maximum integration with the environment. 

The building consists of a “residential box” between the two horizontal lines of the base and the roof; the wood paneling harmonises with nature and the huge glazed windows facilitate both the visual continuity and the natural lighting. 

The interiors are organised on a single storey: on the north side there are the living room, the dining room, two bathrooms, two bedrooms and the laundry; on the south side, instead, there is an area dedicated to leisure and relaxation

With regard to materials, there is a focus on the architectural concrete for the ceiling and the floor and on the cedarwood which covers the residential blocks, generating a balanced mixture of simplicity and elegance that becomes the hallmark of the entire complex.