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Hotel Regeneration, the heart of hospitality beats in Lambrate


The biggest and involving exhibition dedicated to the contract, during FuoriSalone 2018. This is the definition for Hotel Regeneration, the extraordinary event designed by the architect Simone Micheli in the heart of Lambrate Design District (April 16-22) and organized in collaboration with PKF and Tourism Investment.

But what exactly will be Hotel Regeneration?

It will be an exhibition happening aimed at the interaction between public and space, which will focus on the story about the upgrading process of the contemporary hotel structure and its future existence, enhancing experimentation, communion of intent and research, aimed at encouraging innovation and technological advancement.

The exhibition-event will extend over an area of more than 4000 square meters and will present to the visitor numerous split hotels conceived by the architect Simone Micheli as works of art to experience; three-dimensional spatial spheres of living created with the aim to show current and future trends in the field of international hospitality, made by important Italian and foreign industrial groups.

Each split of hotels, signed for the occasion by the architect and made up with tailor-made products, will be dedicated to a different hotel chain with the aim of making concrete the wishes of costumers and satisfy the real needs of clients. 

Inside the event will be organized an “Agora“, a concrete place for dialogue and meeting between well-known personalities linked to the hospitality industry (international hotel chains, builders, developers, bankers, professionals, contractors) and the public, who have the aim to tell and investigate carefully the aesthetic practical aspects and the business progressions of a sector in continuous development.

So the visitors will be immersed in a great exhibition space of experimentation and research, overcoming the limits of the known reality and confronting themselves with fascinating installations so as to become an active part of a cultural flow which will make the heart of the entire Lambrate Design District pulsating and engaging as never before.