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Arbau studio designs a total-white “Lloft” in Mestre



In Mestre (Venice) the architects of Arbau studio designed Lloft, a loft located in a former storage building, along a canal in the old industrial zone.

The site has been recently renewed with the construction of a luxury hotel, of a boathouse, of some cafés and restaurants and with the transformation of the storehouses into apartments.

The Lloft articulates the long and high space, enlightened only by the roof windows, into patios and mezzanine boxes, suspended over the open space of ground floor.  The structure is made by x-lam slabs and steel beams, but the fulcrum of the whole space is the fireplace, immerserd in a total white environment.

On the ground floor there are the living room, the kitchen and a bathroom, while on the mezzanine there are the master bedroom, the studio and another bathroom.

Finally, concrete has been used for the ground floor, stairs, fireplace top, bench and kitchen counter, creating a contrasting element.