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Biagioni Salò, the restaurant and bistrot designed by Pelizzari Studio on Lake Garda



In Salò, on the shore of Lake Garda, Pelizzari Studio designed the Biagioni Salò restaurant and the Bistrot of the same name, playing with unusual combinations of colours, textures and materials.

Biagioni Salò. © Mattia Aquila Photography


The seafood restaurant Biagioni Salò is located in an 18th century palace overlooking the lake, whose spaces have undergone refurbishment by means of an all-encompassing project.

The aim was restoring the genius loci of the structure and creating an atmosphere typical of the Italian bourgeois style, through unusual choices of materials, such as for example the combination of parchment and straw with the elegant wallpaper in a foliage print with burgundy accents.

The flooring in the main dining room, in tesserae of Botticino marble and black grout, unfolds in a play of concentric circles, while the sinuous geometries emphasise and complete the furniture with simple lines. Under historical frescoed ceilings there are small living rooms with luxurious velvet armchairs and round tables.

The colour palette is inspired by the nearby lake: the sand and olive green nuances enhance the delicate colours of the frescoes.

The fish counter made by Pelizzari Studio is the real star: its rigorous and well balanced lines are accented by the violet veining of the marble, and its structure is covered with eucalyptus slats and enriched by the warm tones of acid-etched brass.

Every area, also the one dedicated to restrooms, has been carefully designed by means of a refined interior design project to reach a level of utmost intimacy and privacy. Verde Alpi and Breccia Capraia marbles, moss green pleated glass, berry-coloured paints, taps in etched brass, and matte black bathroom fixtures enrich even the most hidden rooms, increasing the wow effect.

Biagioni Bistrot. © Mattia Aquila Photography


Biagioni Bistrot is located in a 20th century palace surrounded by Venetian era buildings and overlooking the small square in front of the ferry port of Salò.

The seventies-inspired look characterises rooms with an amazing style, where bright polished surfaces contrast with intriguing combinations of colours.

The historical architecture has been reinterpreted through furniture with a refined style, also thanks to a versatile colour palette including black and peacock blue paints, acid-etched brass, and velvet in unusual colours such as pumpkin or greige.

Cheerful patterns with concentric circles, formed by tesserae in Botticino marble with black grout, enrich the flooring of the room where the real star is the large custom-made bar in the centre of the space designed by Pelizzari Studio. An overhanging structure supports a delightful composition of bottles, plants, and other objects.

The sinuous lines of the tables in wood and black marble and of the chairs spread along the walls in an intimate, harmonious manner. Against one wall, a sofa in pumpkin velvet, flanked by a pair of 70s armchairs, gives a surprisingly homey feel. The kitchen, personalised in every detail, is open to view, further enhancing an informal sense of welcoming.

Finally, the sophisticated lighting project by Viabizzuno emphasises the textures of the wall coverings, made of burlap painted in muddy tones. For a unique experience of style and comfort.