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Blaarchitettura renovates an attic in Turin



The Turin-based studio Blaarchitettura has recently completed an important recovery of an attic in Turin to transform into an Airbnb accomodation and consequently meet the new need of comfortable hospitality and private atmosphere.

The main element of the project is the building structure in reinforced concrete; close to it, a big window with spatial subdivision function between the sleeping area and the living room amplifies the spaces, while a green volume hides the bathroom and a technical volume inside.

In addition, thanks to the wide velux and the two newly built dormer windows, the environment is enriched with light; on the other hand, hybridizing the existing structure, two metal beams are inserted instead of the previous beams in reinforced concrete to increase the height from the ground and allow an easier passage.

Finally, a particular characteristic of the project is represented by the distribution pipes of the heating, which have been recovered and now move themself freely within the volume of the house to create a special decorative effect.