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Casa Mace, an attic inside a farmhouse in Brescia


Inside a farmhouse in the Brescia countryside Casa Mace is the name of the restyling project designed by Zupelli Design Architettura for an attic where the characteristic elements of the house have been revisited in a contemporary way.

The preexisting elements, such as the cherry wood parquet, the exposed beams of the roof and the imposing height of the rooms, have been enhanced while the only structural intervention was the closing of the staircase body to use the existing space at its edges: on one side there is a storage room and on the other side there is a TV cabinet serving the living area.

The living room is characterized by a large open space in which stands out the kitchen with island, made to measure and enriched with a top and splash guard in black Marquinia marble; the fil-rouge of the black marble was then taken up again in the coverings and the top of the master bathroom, as well as in the small tables designed for the living room and the bedroom, where there is also a custumized wardrobe with the interior of smoked oak and lacquered doors, that are embellisheds with leather handles.

The result is a house with a strong impact, thanks to the selection of important materials for a really contemporary style.