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Casa Morena, furniture creates architecture



Inside Casa Morena, the project recently completed by architect Giovanni Mecozzi in Ravenna, the architectural space has been designed along with furniture.

Focusing on a better layout of the interior space, the architect worked on the planimetric configuration with a living/sleeping area relationship more suited to contemporary living.

Little interventions were made: the opening of new passages and the closing of existing ones. In particular, the opening of two windows on the central spine walls radically changed the relationship between the kitchen and the living room.

In particular, the large pass-through cabinet, in natural oak finish, is the completion and also the founding value of the entire project: it becomes a volumetric element and it helps to perceptively unite the living and kitchen area into a single large environment.

Sometimes a well-calibrated detail is enough to build the identity of a project. Casa Morena is the perfect example.