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Duka shower enclosures for QC Terme wellness



The best hotels, where the pure comfort is essential, create a bathroom environment that combines refined design, functionality and safety to offer a luxurious wellness experience for guests.

This is the reason why QC Terme, the largest Italian group in the wellness sector, chooses the high quality of Duka shower enclosures for the apartment suites of Villa Bagni di Bormio, a residence immersed in the majestic park of Bagni Nuovi, and some rooms of QC Termegarda, an enchanting resort with spa set between Verona and Franciacorta.

Camera Superior QC Termegarda

Duka offers customisation possibilities, meaning solutions created ad hoc to solve any architectural or space optimisation need. This makes Duka the ideal partner for designing hotelier venues. Thanks to the certified reliability and high technical and functional performance of the Duka shower enclosures, facilities dedicated to hospitality and wellness can, in fact, count on an excellent, safe and long-lasting product. The design, aesthetic research and attention to detail that characterises each solution also add value to the bathroom space. Indeed, said factors contribute contribute to an even more comfortable experience for guests during their stay.

QC Termegarda

For Villa Bagni di Bormio and QC Termegarda Spa, models from the high-end collections acqua 5000, gallery 3000 and libero 4000 were selected. The models fit harmoniously into the wider interior design project thanks to their aesthetic purity, innovation, perfect ergonomics and accessibility.

The pluses of Duka shower enclosures for hospitality

All Duka shower enclosures ensure ease of installation to facilitate the work of the installer. They They are also easy to clean in order to ensure daily hygiene daily hygiene within the shower space, and maximum durability. These are fundamental aspects for hospitality environments, where the frequency of use is greater and the user type is always different. Furthermore the metal components of Duka shower enclosures are glued flush with the glass (tempered safety glass) by the UV adhesive technology, so that the surface is smooth and free of holes – for easier cleaning. Moreover, in models with a sliding opening, the sliding elements are releasable for easy cleaning, also between the glass panels.

In order to achieve the best possible aesthetics and offer a transparency and brilliance that will last over time, Duka has two specific glass treatments in its catalogue: ProCare and Protect. ProCare is the technical treatment of glass, obtained through a special magnetron process to apply a layer of metal oxide to the glass that allows water to slide off, limiting the deposit of residue. Protect, on the other hand, is an innovative system whereby glass is given a protective coating. With Protect, the tempered safety glass is provided with a water-repellent coating. The properties of the coating ensure that water, and with it dirt, can roll off the glass more easily. This greatly reduces the accumulation of dirt and lime scale.