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Fabio Novembre designs new Attimi restaurant in Citylife


Citylife is the new residential, commercial and business district built in Milan (Italy) and located close to the old city center, in a recently redeveloped area. 

Citylife is also the place where the Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre has developed the interiors of Attimi, the new restaurant designed in collaboration with the Italian food company Chef Express and the three-stars chef Heinz Beck

The project is the result of Novembre’s interesting reflection on the concept of time and space

I believe that the non-coincidental etymological coincidence between the present as time and the present as a gift is a starting condition for any project research. Consider the moments here, not as fleeting moments of life, but intense experiences that we must grasp and that remain imprinted in the mind” he said. 

Consequently, the restaurant is characterised by geometric shapes and a subdued palette complemented by varying hues of bright color, with the aim of welcoming people and inviting them to enjoy the moment.