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Fabio Siddu and Fabio Novembre to lead new Domus Academy


A school that takes shape as a dimension open to innovation, as a driving force behind new ideas to be shared, and a provider of high level of training for international designers: this is the cultural project of new Domus Academy, Italy’s first post-graduate design academy and research laboratory which presents its new governance structure and future prospects. 

Increasingly geared towards the methodology of learning by designing, thanks to the collaboration with companies on real-life project briefs, Domus Academy today reinforces its global approach to train the best professionals from around the world: among the objectives are developing initiatives that involve increasingly prestigious industry players, participating in the most recognized awards, and offering students the best opportunities.

Roberto Riccio, CEO of Galileo Global Education Italia (the new Italian network of private higher education that now includes Domus Academy), introducing Fabio Siddu‘s appointment as Director and Fabio Novembre as Scientific Director and Brand Ambassador, points out that there is a great and renewed interest in the Design and Fashion sector that has led the educational system to a rapid evolution.

“The design sector shows a positive trend, generating growing demand from companies for innovative professionalism. This is determining a significant growth in the demand for training, in particular from post-graduate students who choose to invest in Master’s programs to boost their careers. According to a study commissioned by the Group to Deloitte Business Advisory, Domus Academy has a globally recognized brand that allows a very competitive positioning compared to other players, both Italian and international”.

Post-graduate training plays an increasingly fundamental role today: Domus Academy offers 12 globally recognized Master’s programs accredited by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research), divided into four thematic areas that range from design and fashion to business and the most innovative frontiers of user experience and interaction design.

On the other hand, a school that has always been at the technological forefront like Domus Academy is called upon to continuously update and renew its programs with projects and proposals that meet the ever-changing demands of the market, as Fabio Siddu, Director of Domus Academy, explains:

“There are a number of educational and design innovations underway that have been made possible by our new Scientific Director. His starting point is Italian ‘Radical Design’ that is built into the DNA of Domus Academy, which aims to be the driving force behind new design ideas to be spread worldwide. In this context, we are developing, among other things, a series of workshops and lectures that will address the most current issues, new collaborations with companies, and a contest dedicated to future and potential talents. Other new opportunities offered to students include the scholarship dedicated to Fabio Novembre and an internship at his studio. He will also be involved in a big project/event for next year’s Design Week”. 

Fabio Novembre, Scientific Director and Brand Ambassador, has chosen to reconnect to the roots of the school in order to design the scenarios of tomorrow:

Domus Academy was born from the experiences of radical Italian design, presenting itself as a safe zone in which different knowledge and backgrounds could intersect and grow. A forge, peopled by visionaries who love collaborating with partner companies, mixing professionalism and utopian ideals. A school in which teachers and students have interchangeable roles, where the ultimate purpose is the sharing of the adventurous journey of discovery that we call life“.

An interpretation of the current vision, consistent with the needs of the market but also oriented towards the study and design of future scenarios: Domus Academy’s challenge has just begun.