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Farace House, a white strong gem in the Sicilian landscape



In the heart of the Old Town of Favara, Sicily, Lillo Giglia Architecture has integrated the contemporary project Farace House in a frame of row houses: the result is a white strong gem proudly set in the surrounding urban fabric linked with the city through small holes and scenic overlooks on the historic centre.

The home embodies the good principles of sustainability: the invisible solar panels placed on the roof are able to produce electricity, hot water, heat the entire home, and meet domestic needs; the insulation of the entire building structure allows you to drastically reduce energy consumption and, in addition, the use of fixtures and smart windows allows natural lighting and increase good insulation.

The building is equipped with a green roof, a system for channeling rainwater collection and a system for recycling used water which is then used again for garden plants; the materials used for the building are sustainable, non-toxic, safe for the health of the inhabitants and for the environment.

A surprising architecture in the middle of Sicilian landascape.