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Archiutopia, the new outdoor fabrics by Élitis and Studiopepe



Archiutopia collection is the name of the project born from the collaboration between Élitis and Studiopepe, that have joined forces to design a collection of outdoor fabrics  inspired by radical architecture, conceived as a means to change the world, to be the spokespersons of a utopian vision.

The creations explore the languages of a visionary architecture and are above all tactile; a three-dimensional fabric has even been added to accentuate sensory perception, while the names of the designs are each linked to one of Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities” in order to offer a meditation on the nature of human experience.

Anyway, the designs of these outdoor fabrics have also been conceived to make a strong aesthetic statement indoors; throughout their patterns, they feature a repeating architectural iconography: stairs, doors, buildings, organized in ever changing geometries.

Archiutopia collection includes six versions: Argia, Zirma, Zoe, Eutropia, Bauci, Despina. A wonderful journey through surprising architectural landscapes.