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Hotel Barbianerhof, the alpine landscape meets architecture



In the heart of the alpine landscape of Barbian (Italy) Alpina Architects, directed by Sarah Auckenthaler, Marco Formenti & Martina Stuppner, designed Hotel Barbianerhof taking inspiration by the breathtaking beauty of the village.

The typical geometry of the surroundings, such as the earth pyramids, become archetypical elements: the particular trapezoid identity is reflected in the project.

By the repetition of unique and fundamental elements, the pattern on the facade is given a timeless and archical character. Concrete, a superb raw material, is used like stone.

In addition, the simplicity of the materials and forms, and their peaceful and clear appearance, is continued inside the hotel.

Finally, the volume close to the mountain facilitates an extensive view of the valley and gaze of the Dolomites.