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Cactus, the desert hanger



Cactus is the new hanger designed by Brian Sironi for antoniolupi, inspired by the famous plant with thorns.

With its geometric and stylized design, Cactus rises upwards with a thin and solid stem, interrupted by protrusions and protuberances. To restore the verticality of the cactus, Brian Sironi used a painted steel tube, while the protrusions and protuberances are reproduced with hooks welded to the tube at different heights.

Brian Sironi’s project answers another essential question of contemporary living: the need for flexibility. Cactus can in fact be positioned in any room of the house: from the bathroom to the bedroom, from the living room to the kitchen. A friendly presence that offers itself to hang towels and bathrobes, but also different objects can be made immediately available for use.

A flexibility accentuated by the absence of any type of drilling or building intervention. Thanks to an integrated adjustment system, Cactus can be fixed in a stable and safe way from floor to ceiling.

Cactus is available with matt white painted steel tube or in all the colors of the antoniolupi range. Among the various color combinations, there is the possibility of having the hanger with a central body painted in Forest Green and matt black terminal extensions. And the desert is not so far away.