House K2, tradition meets modernity in South Tyrol

May 17, 2022

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House K2, tradition meets modernity in South Tyrol


Designed by monovolume architecture+design in the midst of breath-taking scenery of the Renon high plateau, House K2 is characterised by the combination between traditional construction methods and modern living comfort.

Surrounded by woods and meadows, the building is a contemporary interpretation of traditional South Tyrol architecture: the monumental roof covers the apartment below and creates a feeling of cosiness and security, while deliberate dormers frame the spectacular Dolomites and bring the mountains inside the living quarters.

The protagonist of the apartment is the self-supporting interior staircase, which swings to the upper floor in a “U-shape” and contrasts with the very subtle access staircase on the outside.

At the centre, between the living room and the dining room, is a multifunctional piece of furniture incorporating the tiled stube, reinterpreting the traditional architecture of the old South Tyrolean farmhouses.

The use of local materials and craftsmanship is combined with light colors on the inside, that contrast with the sober and darker materials of the outside areas and enhance the feeling of intimacy.

Finally, targeted lighting deliberately emphasizes the monumentality of the roof, which becomes the protagonist of the project.