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House Rossa, the perfect mix of art and architecture


A house can be a living sculpture, a sort of intersection of architecture and art. 

House Rossa is the house recently designed by the architect Davide Macullo in collaboration with the artist Daniel Buren in Lugano, Switzerland: on a 300-square-meter area they have completed a project that combines art, architecture and landscape. 

The primary role of the structure consists of protecting man from the elements but art is the necessary counterpart of architecture in this building, the essential element of the whole project. 

The cross in vertical projection, the rounding of the edges and the simple torsion of the roof make it dynamic and reinterprets the archetype of the house, while each window is calibrated and oriented towards selected views of the surrounding landscape: each point is different and every breath of the landscape suggests different things. 

Moreover, the basement is in reinforced concrete and the upper volume entirely in wood, without interpreting the traditional construction type of the Alps, but using it as it is, because memory is always a fundamental part of innovation.