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Martini Mobili presents Essenza project


Founded in 1965 in Verona, Martini Mobili is a Made in Italy company which has become a symbol of the excellence of the Italian style by proposing sophisticated and timeless furnishings for kitchens, living areas and bedrooms based on the total living concept.

Today Martini Mobili presents Essenza, a kitchen concept designed by Arbet Design, which celebrates the company’s evolution towards a more trendy and contemporary atmosphere but does not forget the value of Made in Italy craftsmanship. 

Simplified shapes with a strong identity, minimal lines and the introduction of particular and refined exotic types of wood- including Indian Rosewood, Ebony and Eucalyptus – characterize the Essenza kitchen, illuminated by steel and brass inserts.

An untraditional approach that renovates the foundations of craftsmanship: the colours of the units made of lacquered blockboard or Eucalyptus veneer match the doors, which feature an inset opening and soft closing hinges.

The doors are available in four versions that refer to the natural elements: Aria, completely smooth, Acqua, smooth with indented frame around the perimeter, Terra, with diamond pattern and Fuoco, with diamond pattern and glossy or matt steel/ brass frame. 

Not just a cooking/washing top, column zone and cabinetry, but also an island that multiplies the work space: the kitchen becomes more functional and complete, also thanks to the electrical appliances, the opening and closing features and lighting which are top of the range, as per Martini Mobili’s philosophy; moreover, the design is enriched by designer handles, metal covered skirting and matching tables and chairs. 

A unique and innovative project of great effect, that starts from the kitchen and will soon deliver doors, wood panelling and walk-in wardrobes, ideal to furnish any type of space with refined taste.